The Lab members currently support the following courses offered by HOU:

MsC courses:

PLS51 Fundamental Specialization in Computer Architecture and Computer Networks

SDY62 Embedded Systems

Undergraduate courses:

PLI21 Digital Systems

PLI40 Project in Software

PLI Lab I/II Digital Systems Laboratory Course I/II

Short Learning Programmes:

SES – Embedded system design and microcontroller applications for the Internet of Things

Some of our past teaching activities can be found via the following links:

PLH21-Digital Systems (in Greek)

PLH40-Final Year Thesis (in Greek)

PLH21-Digital Systems Laboratory (in Greek)

PLH21-Digital Systems Group Meeting Videos

Group electronic meeting #2.2 (22/1/2010)

Group electronic meeting #2.1 (19/1/2010)

Group meeting #2 (20/12/2009)

Group meeting #1 (17/10/2009)

Group meeting #2 (14/12/2008 – Previous Academic Year)

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