The Digital Systems and Media Computing Laboratory (DSMC Lab) was established in the end of 2002 and is located in Patras, Greece. DSMC operates under the School of Sciences and Technology of the Hellenic Open University (HOU).

HOU is the sole Greek State University (Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs) that provides distance education in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels via the use and development of appropriate learning material and methods of teaching. Promoting scientific research as well as developing technology and methodology in distance learning fall within the scope of HOU’s objectives. HOU is comprised of four (4) Schools, namely, School of Science and Technology, School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences, and School of Applied Arts. Currently the University offers six (6) undergraduate and twenty four (24) postgraduate programmes to approximately 30000 students.

DSMC’s main objectives are to conduct internationally competitive research and deliver high quality teaching. The faculty staff, together with their research associates and students are working at an internationally competitive level. The outcomes of the research can be seen in various publications. We are fortunate to enjoy the support of a variety of funding agencies and to have established strong collaboration bids with research units nationally and internationally.

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Some informative video lectures related to our activities can also be found at our YouTube channel here

DSMC conducts both fundamental and applied research in the fields of:

  • Embedded network system design
  • Digital system design
  • Image Compression
  • Video Coding
  • Data Hiding in Images and Video
  • Image and Video Watermarking
  • Image Authentication
  • Video Analysis