This the lectures page of DSMC. It consists of lectures given from members or visitors of DSMC, visitors and professors of the Hellenic Open University or of the University of Patras, or other staff found in the web. The material can be of three different kinds: slides (S), video (V) and weblinks (W).

Date Initiative Venue Speaker/Affiliation Title Language S V W
14/4/2011 IEEE Greece Section i-MSL Corallia Microelectronics Center Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis
United Arab Emirates University, UAEU
Ματιές στο Μέλλον της Ρομποτικής: Από τα Διαδραστικά Ρομπότ, τα Κοινωνικά Δίκτυα και την Τηλεπαρουσία στο Υβριδικό Νέφος Ανθρώπων-Μηχανών GR

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17/12/2010 IEEE Greece Section i-YSC Univ. of Patras
Dr. Konstantinos Mammasis
University of Strathclyde, UK
Wireless MIMO Spatial Characterization EN PDF

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      IEEE Greece             Section          i-MSL#2

Univ. of Patras
Prof. C. Balas
Technical University of Crete
Dynamic Spectral Imaging in Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Pre-Cancer Lesions EN PDF

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      IEEE Greece             Section          i-MSL#1

    University of         Patras      Museum of Science and Technology

Prof C. Polychronopoulos University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Importance of Wireless Network Optimization and Bytemobile’s Position in the Industry GR PDF 640×480
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