DSMC has developed a series of training activities through the design and operation of an open remote lab facility including the following

  • “A blended-learning Digital Systems intensive course for IEEE student members” in 2011
  • “A Blended-learning Course on Microcontrollers / Team contest”, in 2012
  • Multi-Modal Learning Course on Digital Systems Design Using VHDL & FPGAs, in 2014
  • OH4HS (Open Hardware for High School) project, in 2015

This series of courses has been sponsored by IEEE CAS society and has resulted in the operation of an open, remotely accessible laboratory through a web-interface (http://tinyurl.com/btumud8) focusing mainly on under-graduate and graduate students following physical and engineering sciences. In 2014 this remote lab facility has been complemented to provide an intensive multi-modal learning course on digital systems design using VHDL and FPGA boards on a remote laboratory facility with the support of IEEE CAS and ALTERA that donated the development boards. The main objective is to leverage the existing infrastructure and know-how to develop an educational platform and ecosystem including High School teachers and students. The dissemination of the DSMC remote lab facility to High School teachers including demonstration at schools throughout Greece and a contest for developing innovative experiments to attract the interest of school students to Computer Sciences has been recently funded by the Google Inc. CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) initiative and the DSMC OH4HS (Open Hardware for High School) project, in 2015.

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