MANTIS (Multiservice cApable iNtelligent TransportatIon Systems)

MANTIS aims at designing a comprehensive framework for the development of heterogeneous applications in intelligent transport systems and at implementing and demonstrating driver assistance systems towards improvement of road transport. The MANTIS framework will exploit technologies of rapidly growing sensor and vehicular networks and will pursue their integration with Internet technologies and cloud applications. All vehicles manufactured during the last decade are equipped with a variety of sensory instruments, providing these collected data through processing units (On Board Units) and customised interfaces (such as OBD-II). MANTIS will develop innovative applications based on the communication between vehicles and external Internet applications with a view to enable transport infrastructure and fleet management centres to monitor and track environmental conditions or extraordinary events.

Applications developed in the context of MANTIS will:

– enable geolocation of vehicles via the application of various methods for the reliable and continuous position detection, regardless of environmental and network conditions.

– enable the collection and dispatch of useful data for recording primary operational parameters through appropriate Internet interfaces and protocols.

– enable the automatic execution of emergency calls via Internet communications (VoIP) – even in cases of passengers’ incapacity – by means of automatic call routing, to the appropriate/closest management and driver assistance centres, based on vehicle’s location, accompanied with critical data from the on-board sensory instruments (NG-eCall).

– enable the collection and transmission of useful data for tracking environmental and extraordinary conditions by external infrastructure management centres (e.g. road operators, prefectures etc.) as well as by fleet management systems for corporate (M2M) applications, exploiting crowdsourcing techniques and intelligent big data analytics.

– enable interoperability and customised (or based on geographic criteria or current conditions) or simultaneous connection and dispatch of data in the selected management centres.

Project web-site:
Project Coordinator:
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens
Prof. Efstathios Sykas
Email: yacine.
Technical Coordinator:
Hellenic Open University
Ass. Prof. Th. Orphanoudakis


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