Welcome to our open remote Arduino labs at HOU

This project is designed to provide a web platform for conducting a series of remote micro-controller laboratory exercises, based on the Arduino platform. The system is remotely programmed, and the results are visualised in real-time, by means of a web-cam.

It has been developed at the Hellenic Open University (HOU), as part of the final year thesis of Mr Anastasios Spiliopoulos, undergraduate student of Computer Science, under the supervision of Dr Vassilis Fotopoulos. The newest addition to the team is Anastasios Fanariotis, also un undergraduate student of our department.

The systems are openly available, supported by the Digital Systems and Media Computing (DSMC) laboratory of the HOU, after the initial initiative of Prof. Athanassios Skodras, and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

First time users need to register for a new account. Login is required in order to book the preferred time slot. After that one can enter the Lab and start experimenting with the system. We will be glad to receive your comments about the system.

Requirements: Internet browser with Javascript, Java, Flash and Cookies
Suggested browser: Firefox ESR v52.0+

Please note that you must add the systems you will use, to the Java security control panel exceptions.

A lab manual is currently available only in Greek, from the following link

For lab exercises 1-7, please connect to pc1.dsmc.eap.gr, pc2.dsmc.eap.gr, pc3.dsmc.eap.gr or pc5.dsmc.eap.gr. Labs 8-11, are not curently offered due to systems maintenance. Here is the list of the experiments:

Lab 1: Flashing a led

Lab 2: Flashing an RGB led

Lab 3: Controlling a text LCD screen

Lab 4: Controlling a servo motor

Lab 5: The LDR sensor

Lab 6: The LM35 temperature sensor

Lab 7: Working with 7 segment displays

Lab 8: Working with TFT displays

Lab 9: An I2C port expander

Lab 10: Ethernet applications

Lab 11: GSM applications

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